Guided Missles and Misguided Men

I’m an artist. I’ve grown up living frugally. I wore my sisters’ hand-me-downs until I was a teen, walked two miles to school, had no allowance (save the 25 cents my father left me daily for lunch in high school, which I hoarded and used to buy art supplies. In four years, I never steppedContinue reading “Guided Missles and Misguided Men”

Breakfasts of Champions

(The Global Origins of Daily First Meals) It was the Tudors who first invented the concept of breakfast as we know it, despite the fact that they routinely skipped it. The word literally means the “break of fasting” from the previous night, but this first meal of the day is distinctly different in every cultureContinue reading “Breakfasts of Champions”

Under the Influence

It’s safe to say that we’ve all influenced at least one person and been influenced by many. Our fashionable souls always wish to be thought well of, at the least, exempt from social scorn and public rankings. Throughout high school, I wore loose-fitting railroad overalls and walked the two miles from my house everyday toContinue reading “Under the Influence”

Oaths, Oafs & Gallows

I have been riveted, as I imagine most of the nation is, by the Impeachment Trial proceedings that have been live-streamed everyday. Wednesday, January 6th was hellish, but the following 24 hours became a Blursday as the world tried to comprehend the violations, assault and terror that reigned at the bequest of Trump. The gravityContinue reading “Oaths, Oafs & Gallows”

Truth and Reconciliation

I love the lethargy of dumb motor activities. There’s an almost zen like methodology to raking, sweeping or starting a painting. letting simple repetitive actions ease the mind away from its morbidities. Last October, the leaves demonstrated like Portland protesters: appearing in small groups at first, then turning swiftly into large, loose clusters. Impressive swathsContinue reading “Truth and Reconciliation”

Lions are Growing

After a year of holding our breaths and trying to dodge the invisible plague that violated our country as haphazardly and deadly as Trump’s missives and tweets, the curtains finally parted yesterday into light. Sweet light, with positivism and pledges to unify, a centering on humanity instead of malicious self-service. Immense relief felt that ATContinue reading “Lions are Growing”

Rescues to Dream Of

I keep wanting our country to be rescued. Keep listening for that Hans Zimmer refrain of rousing music to signify the cavalry or a sudden dashing appearance as the Forces of Good appear on the horizon. I’m a dolt when it comes to Super Heroes; the current roster of animated and cinematic airborne wonders thatContinue reading “Rescues to Dream Of”